I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Surrey Morphology Group at the University of Surrey (UK) working on the project ‘Seri verbs: multiple complexities’ (with Matthew BaermanPatricia Cabredo-Hofherr, and Carolyn O'Meara). The goal of this project is to understand what morphological and semantic regularities underlie the exceptional number of suffixes marking plurality on verbs in Seri (isolate).

My expertise is in both the exploration of language patterns and the development of formal analyses of these patterns. I am particularly interested in phenomena that inform our understanding of how semantics and morpho-syntax, on the one hand, and compositional semantics and discourse, on the other hand, interact.

After studying modern languages in Angers, France, I studied linguistics in Lyon where I started working on Karata (Andi, Nakh-Daghestanian) with Denis Creissels and Colette Grinevald. In 2017, I defended a dissertation on polar response particles (e.g. yes/no in English, oui/non/si in European French) at UMass Amherst co-advised by Rajesh Bhatt and Vincent Homer